“Tubuh Manusia” Dijual Sebagai Makanan!!

[Image: breadz.jpg]hiiiiiiiiiiiiii ngeri liatnyaa yang penakut ga usah lanjut deh

[Image: Zombie%27s+bread+copy.jpg]

[Image:  Zombie%27s+bread+%283%29+copy.jpg]

[Image: Zombie%27s+bread+%282%29+copy.jpg]

[Image: Zombie%27s+bread+%281%29+copy.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_14.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_1.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_10.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_2.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_3.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_4.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_5.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_9.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_11.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_12.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_13.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_15.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_17.jpg]

[Image: scarybread_7.jpg]

[Image: bread6.jpg]

[Image: bread5.jpg]

[Image: bread4.jpg]

[Image: bread3.jpg]

[Image: bread2.jpg]

[Image: bread1.jpg]
[Image: breadz.jpg]

[Image: bread7.jpg]

source: http://www.mamasipenk.co.cc/2009/11/roti-setan.html


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