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Tips Manggang Ayam Dengan Kaleng


I don’t know if the guy who came up with this didn’t have a grill at hand or if he simply doesn’t like barbecue. But then again, who doesn’t like barbecue? Anyway, it turns out all you need to cook a delicious chicken, is an empty can of cooking oil, some wood and a match. So there you have it, next time you find yourself outdoors, in the mood for roasted chicken, you can improvise your own oven.

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  1. mbah/mas ntunk…bagi-bagi infonya dunk kok bisa banyak banget iklan di wordpressnya…harus beli paypal dulu yah….oh ya aku mau masang banner di sidebar..tapi bingung gimana cara masangnya…thanks ya semoga ALLAH memberkahi ilmu yang mbak/mas ntunk miliki

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