Haiti Diguncang Gempa, Puluhan Ribu Orang Tewas

Tepatnya pukul 4.53 sore tanggal 13 januari, haiti di guncang gempa sebesar 7,2 SR

Setelahnya terdapat 3 kali gempa susulan dan yang terbesar mencapai 5,3 SR
Gempa ini memakan Korban ebih dari 100.000 orang
17 pekerja dari PBB / UN yang sedang bertugas disanapun menjadi korban
Ini Gallery nya….
Two injured children sit by the side of the road the day after the earthquake struck Haiti
An injured girl is given water by a French aid worker at a makeshift field hospital in Port-au-Prince
Inilah para tim pencari yang sedang bersiap-siap…
British Search and Rescue teams prepare to leave Gatwick airport, to provide assistance to relief and rescue teams in Haiti
Search and rescue officials from the United States Agency for International Development board a plane from the U.S. to Haiti
A woman sobs as she takes in the devastation caused by the quake
UN staff leave the UN mission, known as Minustah, after the earthquake
Peraih Nobel perdamaian Zilda Arns Juga menjadi korban tewas di haiti….
Brazilian pediatrician Zilda Arns Neumann died in the earthquake
An injured man is rescued by UN search and rescue officials
Buildings were destroyed in the devastating quake. Here, a car is seen covered in rubble in downtown Haiti
Istana Nasional Haiti pun jadi sasaran Gempa….
 Haiti National

Survivors gather outside Haiti's National Palace which was badly damaged in the earthquake
port au prince
A woman receives assistance in a collapsed bulding in Port-au-Prince
Haitians pass a covered body as they take in the devastation in Port-au-Prince
Haiti earthquake
Stunned Haitians walk past a damaged building in Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the quake

sumber :http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1242939/Haiti-earthquake-Number-dead-100-000-bloodstained-bodies-pile-streets.html


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