Rekor-Rekor Dunia Yang Aneh!!

most flexible man

wah kayak luffy one piece

2,507 piercings in six hours and fifteen minutes


3 tennis balls in his mouth

mulut besar..mulut besar..

5,657 stuffed animals


8,200 pound rubber band ball

bisa buat maen bola bekel ga ya? 😆

19 kids in a bubble

bisa nafas ga tuh?

25 finger

ajaib..sumpah ajaib

26 meters tall and carved from a SINGLE tree

53 cm high mohican

weleh2 gimana tidurnya bang?

150 students dressed as cell phones

maksudnya apa ya?

most people toothbrushing

heheh kurang kerjaan..

biggest book

ga cape nulisnya??

biggest human rainbow


Biggest Chocolate Heart

bisa jadi kado terhebat pas valentine

carried 20 steins 40 meter

eating nothing but dirt for two months

dasar cakep2 rakus!!

biggest rabbit

wowww…dibuat sate kelinci berapa porsi ya?

biggest hummus tzabar

dimakan sendiri sebulan ga bakal habis

Largest Gathering of Games Characters

ini yang gw suka.

Largest Guitar Ensemble

bisa harmonis ga ya?jangan2 malah ruwet suaranya?

largest harp orchestra

Largest Hula Hoop

largest peace sign

Largest Tankard

longest bike

longest hair 2.4 metres long

biggest mosaic made of nails


most body piercings

Narrowest House

longest moustache

longest bride’s dress

Breaking ninety concrete blocks in one minute

most coca cola and mentos at the same time

not cutting nails for 25 years

smallest person in the world

longest line of pizzas

smallest of the living horses

swallowing Eight 28 swords

biggest tabooleh Palestine

The biggest leap riding on a lion to a distance of 2.3 m

the most tattoos done in one day by one artist

Woman’s 7.5 metre fingernails

world’s largest pencil

world’s largest pinata

world record breaking POTATO weighing 11.3 kilos.

world record pokemon collector

world’s biggest glass


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